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Catalyze wouldn’t be the same without our amazing Tutors and Mentors who inspire, guide, and teach our students each and every day. To learn more about this talented, creative, and professional group.

Ms. Andal Kannan

NEET Subject Expert - Chemistry - Experience 5 years

Ms. Andal Kannan is a Chemistry Subject expert with more than 5 years of teaching experience in NEET. The uniqueness of her teaching is her ability to analyze and coach the student for examination success

Dr. R. Sabitha Kesavan

NEET Subject expert - Chemistry & Biology - Experience 10 years

A subject expert in Chemistry and Biology, Sabitha is a doctorate in Cancer research and has also authored many books. She works with students to help them learn critical thinking and analytical skills and simple tips to retain knowledge. She facilitates students to learn by discussion and guides and monitors them closely to achieve academic success.

Ms. Meenakshi R

NEET Subject expert - Biology & Chemistry - Experience 7 years

Ms. Meenakshi Is a Post Graduate in Biotechnology and a Passionate NEET teacher. She has been a mentor to many students and created doctors who make a difference. She makes her classes very interactive by having an open discussion with the students. She uses PPTs, animations, videos to make teaching more interesting and easy to learn and understand.

Ms. Usha Shathish

NEET Subject expert - Physics - Experience 7 years

Ms. Usha is an M.Phil in Physics and a NEET physics expert. put together with her devotion and patience makes her an easily approachable tutor. She calls herself as an awakener rather than as a teacher – she teaches, encourages, influences, guides and inspires!

Mrs. Shanthi Balasubramaniam

NEET Subject expert - Chemistry - Experience 15 years

Mrs. Shanthi is an experienced Chemistry teacher and a NEET chemistry Expert and Mentor. She works with the student at the conceptual level, enhancing learning by using the various tools available in a flipped class like Lectures, videos and animations. She emphasizes concepts with simple experiments. She is approachable with students and students feel comfortable learning from her.
She also gives the students several practice questions and ensure thoroughness.

Ms. Sunitha Peter

NEET Subject expert - Biology - Experience 15 years

Ms. Sunitha has a Post graduate degree and has functioned as head of department in many schools. She is a passionate teacher and has guided many students through the NEET curriculum. She believes in motivating students to achieve their potential. She is very methodical in her approach and teaches in a lucid manner.

Ms. Shraddha Jain

NEET Subject Expert - Chemistry - Experience 9 years

Ms. Shraddha Jain has an M.Pharm degree and has 9 years of teaching experience. She is a Chemistry expert and Coaches students for NEET and IIT-JEE. Along with expertise in her subject, she presents the topics to students through interesting videos and gives self-prepared notes to meet the student’s specific needs. She has won praise from her students with proven results

Ms. Soumya Mulubagula

NEET Subject expert Physics - Experience 10 years

Ms. Soumya has a B.Tech degree and Mechanical Engineering. She is a teacher who believes in equipping her students with knowledge and depth of understanding to crack competitive exams such as NEET and IIT-JEE. She also supports the student with a very structured approach to preparation while balancing the specific requirement of the student.